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What should I do to recover quickly after surgery?

Every surgery is a trauma-temporarity disrupting a structure functioning in the body in a controlled manner-like damaging. After disrupting this functioning system, time is needed for the system to work again. This situation is unique and different for each patient.

The first and basic condition of recovery is rest. A rested body will recover quickly. But this does not mean that you should stay at home and at does not mean that you should stay at home and at the hotel all the time. What we want to tell with this is to understand this period as a vacation means there should be no job interviews, meetings, school meetings or any household work in your schedule. You should definitely go out (with hiding the dressings on your face). You will feel much more better by having a drink in the fresh air and walking around, getting fresh air to clear your mind (of course without getting tired). Listening to light relaxing music and watching movies, while you are in the hotelroom or at home, will make this process go faster and will keep your mind and thoughts away from your constant worries about your surgeries.

To get rid of the swelling (edema) faster we would highly suggest you to rest with 2 pillows and not to lean forward with your head. That´s the golden rule. For the first 3-4 days it is very important to apply ice in 10 minutes per hour without direct skin contact, to help yourself for getting rid of the swelling or with other words to avoid more swelling. The room you staying in hast o be kept cool/cold. You would have to avoid hot environments.

During that period you are not allowed to smoke you definetly have to avoid it. Even just being in a place where smokers are has to be avoided. Healing is achieved with a clean blood circulation. The first condition for this to create an environment that is fully saturated with oxygen and away from carbon monoxide.

Mostly we are highly recommanding our patients to take hyperbaric oxygen therapy for being able to heal faster and getting rid oft he edema (swelling) faster (i will explain that later on).

For better healing you have to avoid packaged fools. It is important not to choose foods that increase inflammation, such as candy and pastries. Protein-based and clean eating is very important. Fluid consumption drinking a lot of water is the most important issue in terms of eliminating edema and restoring balance.

Now im gonna explain something about the most popular, common supplements post op patients asking for. Let´s start with the most popular one which is ananas. That´s the most supporting one, with his own extract which is called bromelain, which is supporting getting rid of swelling/edema. On the other hand there is arnica which is a daisy-like plant with yellow flowers. It is helping to reduce bruises and to heal fastly.

Frequently used omega 3 fish oils alleviate inflammation and edema, and are very effective in reducing bruises by supporting coagulation processes.

In this context, our main weapon is vitamin K, it is very effective in controlling post-operative bleeding and reducing bruises, vitamin k cannot be taken as a supplement, it is abundant in green foods such as spinach and brussels sprouts.

On the other hand, zinc accelerates the healing of connective tissue by increasing collagen synthesis, resits fatigue and gives vigor. It is recommended to be taken as a post-operative supplement or to consume plenty of legumes.

My last advice would be to take magnesium and vitamin b6 combination, to get back the activity of the muscles and for the healing of the nerves. I am suggesting to take these the first 2 months after surgery every day.

To summarize after surgeries the healing is individual and special for every patient. And the main rule for healing is resting and time. Although this recovery period progresses differently in each of our patients, the process can be shortened with a healthy diet, good rest, ample oxygen supplementation and supportive materials.

I wish you healthy days.