Female Genital Aesthetics


Female Genital Aesthetics

Deformities in the genital area can be familial or hereditary at a young age and can occur after pregnancy, excessive weight loss, or traction. Genital deformities, contrary to popular belief, affect many women from their daily lives to their sexual lives. Clothing habits can become preferences, sexual activity problems, and even obsession.

Such problems can be solved easily and quickly by plastic surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are frequently performed genital aesthetic surgeries?
  • Labioplasty- is performed for the deformity (asymmetry) or the reduction of large small lips.
  • Clitoriopexy (clitoris-reduction /hanging of the skin covering the sexual pleasure organ)
  • vaginoplasty (surgical narrowing of the enlarged vagina)
What is the postoperative process? What should it be considered?

Genital aesthetic surgeries that last for an average of 1 hour under general anaesthesia, and you can usually go home after 6-8 hours of observation. The patient will dress with pads and use creams for the first 3-5 days after the surgery. The genital area, which is very good with blood supply compared to many organs, is normal to have oedema and swell in the first period; oedema starts to disappear after the average third week. It is recommended to wear special boxer tights for patients for the first three weeks and to avoid activities that require thin narrow stools or sportive activities such as bicycle seats. Mild pain is expected for the first ten days.

When is the returned to sexual life after surgery?

Sexual abstinence is recommended for the first six weeks.

Are sutures removed?

All genital aesthetic procedures are performed with spontaneously melting threads; the stitches automatically absorb or fall over time. The scars mostly fade after one year.

Type Of Anaesthesia: General
Operation Time: One Hour
Length Of Hospital Stay: One Night
Recovery Time: Seven Days
Pain: Moderate
Corset: Tights
Dressing Time: Seven Days
Difficulty Level: Medium

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