Nasal Filling


Nasal Filling

In response to the increasing need for rhinoplasty in recent years, non-surgical solutions have gained importance. Due to the long recovery period after rhinoplasty, uncontrollable results, and unnatural noses, people demanded small touches on their noses. As a result, with the hyaluronic acid fillings applied to the face, the noses could be made less defective and more elevated.

Nose filling is one of the most commonly applied procedures today. Its popularity increases daily with its easy application, immediate results, and naturalness allowed by your nose. It is one of the applications that constitute the vision of our clinic. Our clinic has a long series of cases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is nasal filling applied?

The nasal filling is a procedure that lasts for 5-7 minutes on average after applying anaesthetic cream in a clinical environment, where minimal pain is felt and ensures an immediate return to daily life. No swelling bruising is expected after the procedure; you immediately return to your social life.

Is the nasal filling permanent?

Nasal fillings are applied with hyaluronic acids, the safest known material. They have an average persistence of one year; no completely permanent materials are applied. If the person is satisfied with the filling, he/she can have it re-applied before one year.

If I am not satisfied with the nasal filling, is it possible to return the procedure?

Nasal fillings can be made with hyaluronic acids; they are materials that can be quickly melted with their antidote. There will be no deformation after this process. It is easy to apply and – if necessary – easy to melt.

Whom is the nasal filler applied to?

Nasal fillings can be applied primarily to anyone who does not want surgery, is not suitable for surgery, and is suitable as a result of the examination. The filling is not recommended if the person is planning surgery at some point in his/her life.

Can surgery be performed after the nasal filling procedure?

Surgery can be performed at any time after nasal filling. If the filler is not expected to melt, the filler can be rapidly melted with special antidotes in the clinical environment.

Will my nose grow with the nasal filling procedure?

Of course, your nose grows physically with filling, but your less defective lines will look more smooth.

Can nose filling be done with our fat?

Since our fat is not a special melter, fat grafting is not recommended in the first session.

I got a nasal filler. Can I go back to social life now?

As soon as you leave the clinic after the procedure, you can immediately return to your social life.
Type of Anaesthesia: Anaesthetic Cream
Processing Time: Five Mins
Bruising-Edema: 1-2 Days
Recovery Time: Two Days
Pain: Moderate
Exact Result: Two Days
Difficulty Level:2/5

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