Cheekbone Filling


Cheekbone Filling

It is one of our favourite procedures for the last five years because cheekbone filling is a process done to give a prominent facial line that many people want rather than adding volume to the cheekbone area. It is mostly preferred in terms of ease of application and the most comfortable lifting effect on the sagging face afterwards. In young patients, prominent cheeks allow having a more expressive face, and in older ages, they are the most effective way to lift the cheeks that sag without surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the Cheekbone Filler Applied?

Cheekbone filling is a procedure that is applied within 3-5 minutes after anaesthetic cream application, and after which severe oedema-bruising is not expected, you can return to your daily life immediately.

What awaits me after the procedure?

Slight redness and swelling occur for 1-2 hours after the procedure, which is entirely temporary and will heal quickly. It does not require a special massage or treatment.

I do not like the filling, is there a return of the process?

All fillings applied in our clinic are hyaluronic acid fillings; it is possible to return without any deformation thanks to their special antidotes.
Type of Anaesthesia: Anaesthetic Cream
Processing Time: Five Mins
Bruising-Edema: Minimal
Recovery Time: Two Days
Pain: Minimal
Exact Result: Within Five Days
Difficulty Level: 1/5

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