Chin Liposuction


Chin Liposuction

We opened a special section except for all liposuction procedures because fat and sagging are common in the tickle area, and the permanent solution to the problem is one of the most comfortable surgical procedures. This procedure is performed with three small incisions without a large incision within an average of 1 hour with local anaesthesia.

The fats in your chin area are removed with a vacuum, and your skin is tightened with a laser device. In general, no stitches are made after the procedure; you can go home immediately after the procedure and return to your social life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the process after chin laser liposuction?

The procedure is mostly performed under local anaesthesia; after the procedure, you can quickly be discharged to your home. In general, you do not even need dressing; it is enough to use the special corsets given to you for the first 3-5 days and then just massage.

How long should I use corsets after chin laser liposuction?

Special corsets are recommended for the first five days to prevent excessive oedema after the procedure.

When can I see the result of chin laser liposuction?

Even after the procedure, the change is visible. Skin tightening procedure supported by laser procedure is completed between 1-6 months. In this process, the skin elasticity quality of the person is essential.

Will there be a scar after chin laser liposuction?

The smallest cannulas are used for the procedure; there are small scars of 0.5 cm in the lower fold of both earlobes and just inside the jawbone midline; these scars fade over time and become unnoticeable.
Type of Anaesthesia: Local
Operation Time: Forty-Five Min
Length of hospital stay: None
Recovery Time: Five Days
Pain: Minimal
Corset: Five Days
Dressing Time: Two Days
Difficulty Level: 2/5

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