Facial Fat Transfer


Facial Fat Transfer

Fat injection is a procedure that has been performed for many years but has become more popular with the tendency of people to achieve more natural results in recent years. It is the process of placing cannulas from tiny holes in the preferred areas after the fat tissues taken from the person are subject to special procedures during the surgery. There is no allergy or rejection status since the fats are removed from the person. On the contrary, it is an excellent treatment with the help of stem cells.

It is the most natural and most comfortable to apply method, especially for the facial regions that lost volume in the early 30s, which we call the early ageing period. A fat injection containing your stem cells obtained from your own body is preferred over hyaluronic acid fillings in large volume losses.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How is the fat injection performed?

In case of severe volume loss on the face, special solutions are injected through small holes without making any incision larger than 1 cm with local anesthesia from the abdomen– inside or outside of the thigh. Then, your own adipose tissues, which are quickly removed with special degreasing apparatus, are thinned to nano-micro size with special tools. This fat thinning process is essential in terms of preventing problems such as irregularities that may occur in the future. Your adipose tissues are injected into your face through tiny holes without any significant incisions in the same session after special decomposition and nano formation. The average processing time is 30-60 minutes. You can be discharged after a short observation.

How is the post-procedure process?

Since it takes place under local anaesthesia, you can go home after the procedure and return directly to your social life. There will be special tapes on the tiny entrance holes that will stay for the first 3-5 days; you can take a shower even the next day with these tapes. Mild prominent bruising and oedema are expected in the first days in the areas where fat is removed and given. After the first ten days, you can go back to your utterly daily life.

Is fat injection a temporary solution?

It is a very controversial issue; the self tissue of the person is injected. However, our body will try to melt this fat at first because it is fat taken from another region, even if our tissue is included; since this melting is around 30-50% on average, more injections are made at first considering this loss. The fat that does not melt will last a lifetime. Depending on genetic and external factors ( smoking – excessive exercise, etc.), the permanence of fats varies in individuals. Due to such conditions, fat injection can be recommended for two or sometimes three sessions. The success rate is higher in successive applications.

Where is fat injection often more effective?

Fat injection is very effective in areas such as the cheek and under the eyes where there are less moving muscles and less contact and where blood supply is adequate. Frequent applications should be avoided in the midline, such as nose-lip; application to the forehead and chin region is recommended.

What should I pay attention to after the procedure?

The most critical issue for the permanence of the fats injected after the procedure is the blood supply. In this regard, it is essential not to smoke, exercise excessively, and even avoid extreme massages. We recommend special supplemental nutrients and supportive skin applications after the procedure. Especially with botox administration at least two weeks before the procedure and skin supporting mesotherapy and vitamin vaccines after the procedure, great success is achieved.

Where are the fats obtained?

It is generally removed from the lower abdomen and waist sides or inner thighs with tiny holes; there is no significant scar after the procedure.

Where can the fat removed be injected?

The fat taken can be injected into all areas determined by the percentage examination and according to the patient’s wishes. In the body, it can be injected most frequently into the breast and butt.

How much of the injected fats will remain completely?

Overall, there will be a loss of about 20-30% in the first three weeks, but the remaining fats at the end of the first two months will now remain for life.

Can fat injection be repeated?

It can be repeated in two sessions in patients who generally want excellent results.

What should be done to increase permanence after the fat injection?

As a result of the studies conducted, the permanence of fats is not dependent on any specific factor. It has been observed that it disappears earlier only in smokers and serious sportspeople.

Type Of Anaesthesia: Sedation
Operation Time: One Hour
Length Of Hospital Stay: None
Recovery Time: Three Days
Pain: Minimal
Corset: Facial Band
Dressing Time: None
Difficulty Level:1/5

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