Jaw Filling


Jaw Filling

Especially in people who have nose surgery or have a prominent middle face, the problem of the small jaw on the side is very prominent, and the most reliable method, in this case, is the jaw filling. The jaw's tip and corners are highlighted in accordance with the person's facial contours with a very comfortable method from a place close to the plan above the bone under the skin. This procedure is one of the most popular methods of accepted beauty perception.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How is the procedure performed?

It is a procedure applied in the clinical environment within 3-5 minutes after the application of anaesthetic cream. Pain is almost absent, bruising and swelling are minimal.

What awaits me after the procedure?

You can return to your daily life immediately after the procedure; there is no particular waiting period or treatment. Very rarely, it can be an utterly temporary bruising or swelling. There may be a slight pressure under the chin that does not disturb you for the first 2-3 days.

When can I get a new-additional dose after the jaw filling?

Jaw filling application is the most desired area with additional dose due to its anatomical localization. At the examination, a new application can be made again at least two weeks after the first application, depending on the recommendation of our doctor and your request.

Type of Anaesthesia: Anaesthetic Cream
Processing Time: Five Mins
Bruising-Edema: 1-2 Days
Recovery Time: 1-2 Days
Pain: Minimal
Exact Result: Within Five Days
Difficulty Level: 1/5

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