Arm Lift


Arm Lift ( Arm Liposuction )

In some people, especially in women, excessive skin excess-fattening is observed in the area called the upper arm due to hereditary factors or after weight loss. Contrary to popular belief, this is a situation that seriously disturbs many people. One of the most resistant areas to sports and diet is our arms. If there is no excessive sagging in your skin and its elasticity is suitable, combined liposuction with laser is recommended. In this procedure, only two tiny holes are inserted, then the fat inside is removed with a vacuum, the skin is tightened with a laser, and healing is expected without a scar.

However, if there is excess skin, arm lift surgeries are added with surgical incisions that sometimes only hide under the armpits and sometimes extend to the elbow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For whom is suitable, the laser liposuction procedure performed without apparent scars?

In patients with good skin quality and without excessive skin sagging with no elasticity problems, two and sometimes three tiny holes are inserted, fats are removed with a vacuum, and the skin is tightened with a laser. You can return to daily life within 2-3 days immediately after the surgery. What is important here is that the skin, which is accelerated to tighten with the laser effect, adheres to the muscle tissues after the lower fat removal. In most patients, mild folds are usual and expected in the first four months. This situation decreases over time and with massages. However, eventually, without any severe scars, the appearance of excess sagging skin disappears.

Will there be scars in arm lift surgery?

In patients without excessive sagging, sometimes only under the armpit can hide the skin fold, but in patients with saggy skin, the excess skin extends to the elbow; it is sure to leave a thin line that extends to the elbow. This scar is especially evident in the first 6-12 months; it fades over time. It should be kept in mind that scarring varies from person to person, depending on hereditary factors, external factors (gravity-smoking-sun exposure ). Nevertheless, it should be known that the arm area is mobile, and although the movement is restricted primarily during healing, it cannot be restricted in the long term. Therefore, arm lift surgery is a surgery in which the scars are prominent and cannot be entirely hidden.

How is the postoperative process?

If only liposuction is performed, you will be discharged on the same day. You can return to your social life 3-5 days after the surgery with the corsets used for three weeks in the surgery area. If surgery is added, this period will last 5-7 days and is followed up with simple dressings during this period. After the procedure, it is recommended that the arms are continuously higher than the heart area, and frequent hand exercises are recommended. Severe oedema is expected on the hands and wrists for 3-5 days after the surgery, and this is entirely temporary.

What should I pay attention to?

Tight corset use is essential after arm lift surgery. Since the arm skin, one of the loosest skins in the body is circular around the bone; skin sagging is relatively higher due to gravity than other surgeries. Considering this situation, you may feel some tension in your arms after your surgery, which will relax by the first month. Active massages to be performed mainly in the first 3-6 months are very important for adequately adapting your skin. In incision procedures, it is essential to stay away from the sun for the first year and not go out to the sun if necessary to minimize the scar.
Type Of Anaesthesia: Sedation
Operation Time: 40 Min
Length Of Hospital Stay: None
Recovery Time: Ten Days
Pain: Moderate
Corset: Ten Days
Dressing Time: Ten Days
Difficulty Level: Medium

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