Lip Filler


Lip Filler

Lip filling is one of the most popular procedures of recent years, and hyaluronic acid fillings are the safest and most natural method of replacing lip volumes that decrease structurally or with age. With the pin clip technique applied by our doctor, unlike the usual lip fillings, your lips will have a more vivid and pink appearance due to more blood and more oxygenation by triggering and stimulating the vascularization of their healing tissues depending on the technique applied. Unlike exaggerated and duck lips formed by old permanent lip fillings, more natural and vibrant lips can be obtained with all-natural products and next-generation applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the Lip Filler applied? Then what awaits me?

Before the procedure, anaesthetic creams are applied to numb your lips at the maximum level, which will make this process most comfortable. The procedure will take about 3-5 minutes; then, we will observe you in our clinic for a while with antibiotic cream and ice compress. If no problems are observed, we will send you off with suggestions. There may be more oedema than expected in the next two days, especially in some people the next morning; there may be more oedema than the filling volume. This depends entirely on the sensitivity of the lips and is temporary. We apply special creams and treatments to accelerate this healing. After the first two days of oedema, the expected form will be achieved within 3-5 days. Massage is recommended if necessary during this period.

Is the lip filling permanent?

No filling material applied in our clinic is permanent; they are entirely natural and compatible with hyaluronic acid fillings. The permanence of these fillings is approximately 4-12 months on average, depending on the person’s genetic factors.

I got a lip filler, but I did not like it, is there a solution?

The fillings applied are hyaluronic acid fillings, and these fillings can be melted entirely with the help of special antidotes. Your lips will be restored without any deformation.

I will have a lip filler, but I am afraid it will be too big?

Unfortunately, this perception exists in our society due to the first permanent or semi-permanent fillings and amateur applications. However, 1 cc/ml filling applied with quality materials is only the size of one teaspoon. While this varies entirely according to the person’s expectations, 1 cc/ml filling only gives a slight form to the first application’s lips. Large lips can only be reached with successive applications. For this, the right decision is made with our doctor in the examination.
Type of Anaesthesia: Anaesthetic Cream
Processing Time: Ten Mins
Bruising-Edema: First Five Days
Recovery Time: 5-7 Days
Pain: Medium-High
Exact Result: Seven Days
Difficulty Level: 3/5

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