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What is the hyperbaric oxygen therapy? What is the importance of this for after facial surgeries?

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is administered to the patient by intermittent administration of pure oxygen under a higher-than-normal pressure in a closed chamber. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, which is used to heal many health problems from blood loss to soft tissue infections, is one of the most important treatment methods, especially for diseases that require tissue healing.

With the help of pressured oxygen, the amount of oxygen dissolved in the liquid part of the blood increases greatly and the oxygen rate in the tissues is maximized. This method, also known as high-pressure oxygen therapy, prevents many possible complications.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is easily explained as giving to the patient 100% pure oxygen under control of experts in a closed pressure chamber. During this process, which has various stages, you can be in contact with the staff, sitting or lying down.

The first basic condition for good and fast recovery is good healthy blood circulation, that blood finds his way to the areas well and fast. All healing factors are provided with blood and when the blood is completely saturated with oxygen, recovery will be fast and effective. Dissolved oxygen in tissues and cells with Hbot compared to breathing oxygen from normal air is a huge differenc. Oxygen capacity increases 15 times. This means fast and effective recovery.

Patients who smoke or have quit smoking and diabetes patients are the most risky patient group in terms of surgery.

Especially in case of patients with diabetes or in case of long time smoker we highly recommend hyperbaric oxygen treatment after facial surgery. Especially the tissue and skin quality of diabetes patients are not in a good condition for good healing, so not of good quality and their wound healing process takes longer so its long and problematic. Especially in case of smokers or just quit smoking patients there is always a high risk of getting necrosis, which is a possible serious complication and its explained as the death of the tissue. Further with surgery the blood circulation, in case of those patients who already got restricted blood circulation and bad quality, will decrease even more. That way unfortunaely less quality blood will flow in the traumatic area and problems will arise. To avoid those complications or to decrease the risk factor we direct you to the oxygen session and provide the necessary communications, as soon as the hospital follow-ups of our patients are over. Depending on the individual healing you can take at least minimum 5 or maximum 20 sessions of the therapy.

The other group of patients in which Hbot treatment is effective is the patient group with infection. Bacteria reproduce much faster and more easily in tissues with reduced oxygen for various reasons. With high oxygen, a healthy environment is created in which these bacteria cannot live.

The antibiotics used will be more effective and have a greater effect on microbes. It is a supportive treatment in the treatment of possible infection risk or infection.

The most important reason and purpose of recommending and getting hyperbaric oxygen treatment after facial surgeries is to reduce edema (swelling). Hyperoxia, which means high oxygen, helping getting rid of edema, making it easier for tissues to reach/get the blood and oxygen.

In summary, Hbot treatment is based on numerous scientific evidences, examined and followed up by doctors who are experts in their field, reducing smoking-related negativities after facial aesthetics, it reduces the risk of possible infection in complications with possible serious tissue loss or in the rapid healing of temporary nerve damage. It is an effective and relatively easy treatment method in the rapid relief of edema, which is the most important aspect for our patients.

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