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What if my eyes are lifted too much?

As everyone knows, trends in aesthetics change over time and there are serious gaps between the aesthetics made 20 years ago and now.

With the effect of social media in temporal lift + midfacelift surgeries which are frequently performed by me, all candidate patients are focused on the change in the eyes. In every patients consultations, I start by breaking this prejudice by explaining how we perform the surgeries and our main goals. Our main purpose in these surgeries; remove and fix all upper eyelids hooding and lower eye bags and  to reduce the sagging cheeks that give a tired expression over tim and to reduce the deformations caused by them. Along with these procedures, a lifting or a change in the eye angle is provided in the eyes.

While all of the patients who want this surgery want an effective and more fresh eye structure with these changes, they always have the question and fear of “what if my eyes are lifted too much”.

I explain this situation to each of my patients; this demand changes depending on the desire of our patient and most importantly, the permissive quality of their tissues. In other words, it is not an easy surgical procedure to obtain it against your will. The concerns of our patients; too much lifted eye in my surgery is not a possible side effect.

When the ligaments and osseous adhesions in the deep tissues are completely released and stretched surgically, of course, there will be more lifted than desired in the early postoperative period, but even though this situation is completely temporary (average 6-8 weeks), the majority of our patients who do not want this situation at first after with the final result in 6 months, they miss the image they didn’t want at first – they were scared. This contradictory situation occurs frequently  ☺ .

 This extremely liftng image is experienced entirely due to the surgical technique, during the release of the tissues and their adaptation to their new places, and the re-activation of the muscles. It happens at different times in each patient, but in general, we expect it to be 6 to 8 weeks.

The surgically performed fox- cat eye’ as it is called in medicine, ‘cantopexy’ is planned completely according to the anatomical features and the patient’s request. Permanent and clear results will be obtained, especially when the mid-face lift is supported from below and the full temple-brow structures are released and replanned.

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