Thigh Lift


Thigh Lift ( Thigh Liposuction )

In general, our thigh region is one of the regions with severe skin sagging after weight loss. It is a problem that many women overlook, the presence of fat on the inner side without skin sagging. In this case, which is especially evident with tight clothing, laser-assisted liposuction with minimal holes is the most effective treatment if there is no sagging skin.

If there is excess skin, this excess skin can be removed with incisions in the thigh and sometimes extending to the knee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is suitable for the thigh liposuction procedure?

People with fat in the thighs and good skin quality and elasticity are the best candidates. Surgery is added if there is excess skin.

What should I pay attention to after thigh liposuction?

It is recommended not to give weight to the upper leg area after the surgery and rest by generally keeping all legs above the heart level. Regular use of post-procedural corsets and lymphatic massage accelerate recovery.

Will there be irregularities in the skin after the thigh liposuction procedure?

Thigh skin is one of the thinnest skin areas in the body. Adaptation takes longer after removing fat between the muscle layer and the skin, and it is common to see irregularities during this period. An utterly flat result cannot be predicted in any way, but the surgery results followed by a good massage are very satisfactory.

Will there be scars after a thigh lift?

Thigh lift surgery is recommended for patients with severe excess skin. The patient is asked first whether it is a thigh with excessive skin sagging but no scars or a more fit thigh with scars. The thigh region is the most mobile region in the body, and therefore the surgical scar will be more than other surgeries. The scar is especially prominent between 6-12 months, although it fades after the first year; the most critical factor in scarring is the person’s genetic factors and external factors (smoking, sports, etc.). The process is supported by special creams and silicone bands to minimize the scar.
Type Of Anaesthesia: General
Operation Time: Two Hours
Length Of Hospital Stay: Two Nights
Recovery Time: Two Weeks
Pain: Moderate
Corset: Two Weeks
Dressing Time: Two Weeks
Difficulty Level: Medium

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