Prominent Ear Surgery

(Otoplasty )

Prominent ear surgery (Otoplasty )

Prominent ear problems that occur due to genetic factors that many people want to hide their ears at young ages and even in adulthood and become obsessed with; can be solved with a simple surgery that is hidden behind the ear and not visible and lasts very fast ( on average one hour). In prominent ear surgery, one of our doctor's most common procedures, he combines the safest methods, including the permanent thread and flap method, which he calls the dual method.

After the procedure, you can immediately return to your daily life with the dressing covering your ears and continue your social life without the dressing in about 5-7 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Prominent ear surgery?

Which technique is applied? Prominent ear surgery is a surgical procedure in which natural folds are performed in the ear or reduce the angle between the ear and the head that is more than it should be. The safest method is preferred by combining permanent threads made behind the ear and the tissue closure/flap method.

Is there an age limit?

In general, it can be done at all ages after the age of 5-6 when ear development is completed. It is not recommended in the earlier period.

Will there be a scar?

Since it is a surgery performed behind the ear, there is no noticeable scar; the ear’s scar decreases over time. Genetic susceptibility or possibilities should always be considered as the ear’s back is a keloid sensitive area.

When is the right time?

Surgery can be performed at all times of the year by taking the necessary precautions.

What is the preferred type of anaesthesia?

General anaesthesia in children, preferably local and sometimes local + mild sedation is preferred in adults.

How is the post-procedure process?

After prominent ear surgeries, the patient can return home on the same day. A compressed dressing is applied to both ears. It is recommended to wear ear bands (tennis bands or ladies’ headbands) over the ears for a few days after the bandage is opened. This tape reduces the sutures’ load and oedema, preventing it from rubbing against the pillow while sleeping. Slight pain is expected on the first day, which is slightly more prominent but tolerable with painkillers; there may be slight swelling and redness in the ear for 3-5 days, and then the patient returns to normal. After this process, no dressing or special care is required.

When to return to daily life?

You can return to your daily life the next day immediately after ear surgery and return to social life directly after the first control.

When will the final result be seen?.

Oedema and swelling first disappear in 5-6 days, but entirely in the first month on average. Depending on the tissues’ sensitivity for up to six months, it is usual to have a minimal 3-4 degree relaxation in the ear

What should be considered after the prominent ear surgery?

A compressed dressing is applied for one day after a prominent ear aesthetic surgery. It is recommended to wear a headband or tennis band for a few days after opening this bandage. There is no harm in washing the hair after the bandages are opened. Walking can be started one week after the surgery, and other sports can be started three weeks later. Direct use of hairdryers and blow-dryers is not recommended for the first few days after aesthetic ear surgery.
Type of Anaesthesia: Local
Operation Time: 60 Min
Length Of Hospital Stay: None
Recovery Time: Five Days
Pain: Evident On The First Day
Corset: First Five Days
Dressing Time: Five Days
Difficulty Level: 2/5

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